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Life-Integrated Financial Planning

At the end of the day, the value you receive from any financial planning service should exceed your costs. We have conducted extensive market research and are proud of our fee structure. For the individual partnering with us at the most basic level, our services are often less expensive than a standard cable bill. 

We believe in transparency. You should know upfront how much services will cost. All clients have their own set of circumstances and needs, therefore, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model. We provide our services in a number of ways to meet each situation. The recommended fee model will be identified at the conclusion of our first meeting.

Regardless of which fee model is the best fit for you, we will provide you with a Client Service Agreement to detail the services you will receive, the time frame of the engagement, and its cost.

Retainer: We are available to answer ongoing questions as your life changes. The retainer fee will be billed in monthly installments depending on complexity and time dedication to your situation and your financial profile. The fee, on average, ranges from $40 – $80 per month. This fee structure typically is the best value as you are paying over time and have access to us as your needs change.

Project:  A client may require a one-time financial plan or investment consultation project without the need for continuing service. We provide this service for a fixed fee which usually ranges from $300 to $2000. The project fee will be determined in advance based on the time dedicated to the project and its complexity. A client choosing this option will be the do-it-yourself investor requesting a professional portfolio allocation or someone who has their financial situation well-oiled, but wants the peace of mind that they will not outlive their money.

Hourly:  Some clients are do-it–yourselfers who simply want a specific question answered. Others may want a deeper analysis of one specific topic. This can be done over the phone, virtually, or in person.  The fee is $100 per hour. All hours are billed in 6 minute increments (1/10th of an hour). 

Taxes:  Tax Preparation will be completed for noncomplicated returns.  Services will be cloud based, stored and will require the previous year's tax return for assessment and review in order to be  to be considered for acceptance.  A flat rate of $125 will be charged for this service.