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Bridging the gap between compliance teams and financial advisors.

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Your team will receive a notification when a website is submitted so that they can review all website content easily, in various formats.

Request Changes

Your team can quickly recommend changes using the live chat tool to send attachments and communicate directly with advisors.


Rest easy knowing that your advisors submitted changes won’t be published until a compliance officer from your team approves them first.

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Working in a team? Create unlimited officer accounts and allow your team to login and begin managing advisors.

Assign Officers Screenshot


Want to only allow certain members of your team to manage specific advisors? Quickly delegate advisors from your dashboard.

Review Item Screenshot


Stand-alone page content allows you to quickly review changes before viewing the full page in your browser.

Compare Overlay Screenshot


Use the compare tool to drill down further and identify differences between what's current and what's being requested.

Archives Overlay Screenshot


Use the visual calendar to search through an advisor's archived changes. See an archived version of their website with a single-click and access to print-friendly documentation.

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Live Chat

Talk directly in-app with all of your advisors. Easily send attachments and view the entire chat history or download an archive of it at anytime.

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  • Voya
  • Advisor Group
  • United Planners
  • Baird

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Dashboard: Quickly see the status of your advisors and assign officers with ease

Providence Platform - Review Screenshot

Manage: See advisor stats, access archives or review pending changes

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